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            • Enterprise Dynamics
              · Jinqiao Group has been one of the top 100 real estate .. 06/06
              · Jinqiao Education Group and Agricultural Bank of China.. 06/06
            Jinqiao Investment Holding Co., Ltd. was founded in 1990.
            Chairman of Jinqiao Group
            The Course of Jinqiao Group
            Culture of Jinqiao Group
            Real Estate Project of Jinqiao
            ONLINE VIDEO Video Center
            • In September 1987, the Overseas Chinese Enterprise Company of Xiangtan City was established as a public institution under the Overseas Chinese Office of the People's Government of Xiangtan City.
            • In September 1991, the current president, Comrade Ren Yuqi, was appointed by the people's government of Xiangtan City as the third legal representative of the Overseas Chinese Enterprise Company of Xiangtan City.
            • On April 2, 1993, with the approval of Xiangtan Construction Bureau, Xiangtan Jinqiao Real Estate Development Company was established.